Keyboard support

The datepicker includes keyboard navigation. The “focused date” is kept track of and highlighted (as with mouse hover) during keyboard nav, and is cleared when a date is toggled or the picker is hidden.

up, down, left, right arrow keys

By themselves, left/right will move focus backward/forward one day, up/down will move focus back/forward one week.

With the shift key, up/left will move focus backward one month, down/right will move focus forward one month.

With the ctrl key, up/left will move focus backward one year, down/right will move focus forward one year.

Shift+ctrl behaves the same as ctrl – that is, it does not change both month and year simultaneously, only the year.


When the picker is visible, enter will toggle the focused date (if there is one). When the picker is not visible, enter will have normal effects – submitting the current form, etc.

When the date is deselected, the clearDate event is triggered; otherwise, the changeDate event is triggered. If autoclose is enabled, the picker will be hidden after selection or deselection.


The escape key can be used to clear the focused date and hide and re-show the datepicker; hiding the picker is necessary if the user wants to manually edit the value.